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Why reading is a challenge: It’s unnatural

Mar 14, 2017

READING comes easily to some children but most struggle with some part of the complex process; such as recognizing words, sounding out words with letters that has several pronunciations, memorizing high frequency words, reading orally with fluency and expressions, understanding vocabulary, or comprehending stories. When your child is asked to face stressful reading challenges, he feels much like that little boy facing on the daunting staircase for some  children, learning to read is so frustrating that they stop caring about books completely. A child who loved hearing your bedtime stories over and over suddenly just give up. If learning to read is this hand, why not just play video game or watch television.

Learning to read should not be discouraged. You can observe your child as he tries to read, and see which skills, where he struggles, and where he succeeds. Because you know your child’s learning style, strengths and what interests him. You can make reading a goal he can achieve with a positive attitude. You can select strategies, offered here that select the strategies, offered here that match your child’s specific challenges and learning style, and by doing so, keep up his motivation.

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