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SBMA offi cials, employees asked to practice virtue of malasakit
By Malou Dungog

Mar 14, 2017

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) administrator and CEO Atty. Wilma Eisma called on employees and officials, alike, to practice the virtue of malasakit.

“Keeping our surroundings clean by being responsible for our trash and keeping it where it should be is one way to show malasakit,” Eisma said. “Let us give our Subic Bay Freeport the malasakit it deserves. And I also hope that wherever we go, let us show other people that employees of the SBMA are instilled with malasakit, excellence and passion.”

Malasakit is one of the virtues being instilled by the agency to its employees.

Late last month, SBMA officials and employees from the departments of Land Asset Management, Ecology, Law Enforcement, Office Services, General Business and Investment, and Maintenance and Transportation took the initiative to clean the surroundings of the Golden Dragon Terminal that has become an eyesore.

The team trimmed the trees, cleaned an abandoned guard house filled with waste materials, and cleared the scattered rubbish around the area, like used plastic bottles, soiled plastic bags, old tires, concrete pipes, debris, among many others.

Then, the team placed signage informing everybody to keep the area clean.

Eisma also called on the Ecology Center to make the freeport clean and green by spearheading clean and green initiatives, such as serving tap water, instead of bottled water, during meetings, keeping the surroundings clean of trash and imposing strict laws against litterers.

Just recently, the Procurement and Property Management Department held its clean-up drive at the MalawaanPark.

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