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Today's Punto
No country for poor men

Mar 09, 2017

“WHEN YOU go after the drug, you have to destroy the apparatus. You cannot stop the apparatus from moving if you do not kill the drug lord and take care… Sabi nila, ‘puro mahirap ‘yan’. Eh wala nga tayong magawa eh. Naghihintay siguro ‘yan sila na magrecruit ng mga milyonaryo, wala namang mayaman mag-istambay diyan sa lugar mo, sa munisipyo mo.”

President Duterte was his usual ejaculatory self at Wednesday’s assembly of the country’s councilors in Pasay City.

Iyon talagang mahirap, iyan nga ang problema. So, what do you…? You have to destroy the apparatus. It means people killed, wala talaga tayong magawa,” repeating himself.

The President said the source of drugs must also be destroyed: “Otherwise, kung ito lang ang tapusin mo nandiyan ang stock naghihintay lang ‘yan na may runner, magapply. Itong mga runner naman kung walang makuha dito, kasi tapusin mo talaga. That is how it is.”

“You cannot stop the movement of drugs in the entire country ‘pag hindi mo yariin lahat. Whether arrest, plenty every day or people are killed. So ‘yun nga ang sinabi ko.”

We hear you loud and clear, Sir. Still, it is only the marginalized poor that bear the lethal brunt of your war against drugs.

To that claim the stock-in-trade unpresidential vitriol: “At ipalabas mo na kung mamatay ‘yan puro inosente ang mga pu…i... They are pictured as victims of injustice na basta pagbabarilin mo lang… Sino ba naman gustong pumatay? Iyan ang problema because the victims are treated to be saints or at least the innocents in the society.”

What was it said in Matthew 5:3?

Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

And they have Duterte to thank for facilitating their entry there.

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