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WE Make Change Work for Women

Mar 07, 2017

WE stands for Women’ Empowerment. Empowering women enables them to confidently and meaningfully engage with appropriate institutions to ensure that they contribute to and benefit from development and changes. Thus, women’s empowerment will make the change that we are espousing or any development effort responsive of women’s concerns.

Make Change Work = MCW = Magna Carta of Women. Making change work for women necessitates strengthening the implementation of the MCW at all levels. It means putting in place functional mechanisms as well as implementing and making known to citizens, programs and services that address strategic gender needs of women.

Change. Also means Compassionate and Harmonized Actions and Networks for Gender Equality.

We / us or “kami / tayo” in Filipino. Who is going to pave the way for an enabling environment for women to be empowered? Who is going to ensure that the MCW is implemented at all levels? Who is going to make change work for women? It all of us, in our various capacities whether as government officials and employees, members of the private sector, the academe, non-government organizations, or as private individuals can be partners for a change that is gender-responsive. It emphasizes our collective effort, collaboration and participation to ensure that women will not be left behind in the pursuit of change.

WE Make Change Work for Women emphasizes that women should be active drivers in bringing about positive changes, and that they should also reap from development efforts. This can be made possible by empowering women – enabling them to meaningfully engage with other development stakeholders, and by fully implementing the MCW.

Specifically, 2017 celebration aims to:

1. inform and engage women as stakeholders of government programs and services to promote citizen-centric governance and make “change” a conscious effort to know, understand, and provide what ALL citizens need;

2. create and facilitate platforms to discuss good practices, gaps, challenges, and commitments in pursuing gender and development – to strengthen implementation of the Magna Carta of Women; and

3. inspire and empower women and girls to be agents of change – to contribute in promoting gender equality and the empowerment of all women.

(The Civil Service Commission on the celebration of Women’s Month 2017)

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