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Dong decries ‘scare, smear, shame’ campaign

Apr 25, 2013

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO-- Reelectionist Congressman Aurelio “ Dong” Gonzales Jr. has decried the dirty and disrespectful campaign being waged against him in his bid for a third term as congressman of the third district.

Describing the campaign as both the toughest and worst he has ever faced in his nearly a decade in politics, Gonzales said he has been saddened and dismayed by the dirty and ugly tactics employed by his political detractors.

“ You can sum it up in three words: scare, smear and shame,” Gonzales, who was elected congressman in 2007, said.

Gonzales's rival for the post is incumbent City Mayor Oscar S. Rodriguez, a former congressman who had served for 14 years as legislator.

Gonzales said that the latest attack on him is the showing of a footage in public gathering by the opposing camp which shows him confronting a city hall employee for refusing to shake his hands in a disrespectful manner last week during a campaign sortie at the city hall.

“They make it look not only as if I were the bad guy and the incident worse than it really was,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said that a government employee is a public servant and must respect everyone, especially government officials like, regardless of their political preference or loyalty.

“It's not about me but the office I hold that must be given due respect and courtesy,” he said.

Gonzales said he had planned to file a complaint against the disrespectful employee before the city government's human resource department and the Civil Service Commission but he decided not to pursue it anymore in the spirit of forgiveness.

It can be recalled that Gonzales received a death threat at the start of the campaign period in the form of five live Armalite bullets and a sheet of paper with his nickname scribbled in black ink on it.

Life-size effigies of him with ropes tied around his neck and his tongue hanging out were also placed in various places in this city last month. Gonzales had likewise complained earlier about his posted campaign taurpaulins sprayed with black paints.

“ I have never expected the campaign against to get as low and reprehensible as this because I have always believed that our people deserve a decent and dignified example from their elected leaders,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said he has never attacked anyone verbally or otherwise in his political campaign.

“It's not my style and character,” he said.

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