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‘Corrupting voters is Lazatin poll strategy’ – Partido ABE

Oct 23, 2012

ANGELES CITY – This early Lazatin is already reducing the 2013 local elections into a bidding exercise by fielding his leaders not to organize but simply to list people whom they promise to pay come election day, according to Partido Abe Kapampangan.

The party also earlier said Lazatin do not have a clear and concrete platform other than criticizing the administration of Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan.

“Ang mga lider ni Lazatin ay parang mga pagador na naglilista lang ng mga tao, na pinangangakuan nilang babayaran pagdating ng eleksyon” (The leaders of Lazatin are just listing the names of people whom they promise to pay on election day), observed Noel Sibug, an organizer of Partido Abe Kapampangan.

“Para sa kanila, ang mga Angeleno ay mga bayaran lang.  Ulo-ulo ang bilangan, parang bumibili lang sila ng kambing” (For them, the Angelenos are all for sale. 

We are being counted by the heads, as if they are buying goats), said Gerry Calimoso, another Partido Abe cadre.

Phillip “Mamang” Pelayo,  a retired university teacher who is homeowners association president of Northville and also an organizer of Partido Abe, narrated an interesting story. 

He said he was approached by a resident of Northville whose sibling is suffering from tuberculosis, and who reportedly went to Lazatin’s “jungle base” to ask for medicines and support.

“The lady was given a small plastic bag used for the compact fluorescent lamps that Lazatin earlier distributed.

 Inside the bag were two medicine capsules.  The poor lady was so disappointed. 

How can two medicine capsules cure tuberculosis?  She said she also approached an incumbent councilor who is running under Lazatin’s team.  The councilor gave her P100,” Pelayo said.

Pelayo said she brought the lady to the house of Mayor Pamintuan, where she was given six months of medicine for her sister.

“Napakababa ng tingin ni Lazatin sa mahihirap.  Bukod sa bayaran lang, akala niya pag iniitshan niya kami ng mumo at barya ay makukuntento na kami,” said Rhea Guina, also from Northville.

“Lazatin is a political legend of some sort,” said William Aguilar, deputy secretary general of Partido Abe Kapampangan.  “It is said that in most of his electoral battles, he does not really campaign early. 

In fact, some say he does not campaign at all.  All he does during the last two weeks of the campaign period is to “carpet bomb” the city, particularly its poorer sectors, with money,” he added.

But Aguilar observes that against Pamintuan, Lazatin has campaigned, engaged in black propaganda and pay offs very early, which he said is unusual.

“This could be an indication that he is scared of the serious challenge of incumbent Mayor Pamintuan,” he said.

–Team Agyu Tamu Media

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